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Partnerships - Joint Service Provider Program

Cyber-US is constantly striving for delivering the most optimized solutions to its customers. Recently Cyber-US introduced A Joint Service Provider Program that is targeted at software teams, that feature full service packages, centralized service management tools and processes.

These teams are usually involved more with products, conceptualization and strategy, rather than the development and implementation.

We will continually expand our services and provide you with opportunities to acquire increasingly valuable Network Management and Application-level solutions that build upon the existing products and services.

A JSP partnership is essentially a collaborative development effort, in which each of the partners focuses on their areas of expertise or core competence.

A list of our partners is given below:

AtriaATRIA Ukraine CintechCintech FinportFinport
Pimento'sPimento's PoolPool SoftirbisSoftIrbis
UptUPT UkrsoftUkrSoft Ukrainian Antiviral CenterUkrainian Antiviral Center

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