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Cyber-U.S. is an Information Technology company that channels the considerable technical talent of the Ukraine toward accomplishing software development efforts for U.S. customers.

At one time the Ukraine was the Soviet high-tech hub and the home of many first class software engineers. During the last decade these skilled individuals have been directing their software abilities toward commercial and scientific development efforts with outstanding results. Cyber-U.S. now makes this pool of talented technicians available to serve U.S. companies with low cost, on-target solutions for their system needs.

Based in Alexandria, Virginia; Cyber-U.S. acts as a catalyst between the leading Ukrainian software development organizations and American customers. Cyber-U.S. provides the customer with American business managers, subject matter experts, and client advocates that interact between customer staff in the U.S., our Project Manager at our Center of Management and Technologies in Kiev, Ukraine, and the Ukrainian development company. We provide the means to have timely and correct results with inexpensive off-shore outsourcing.

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