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Our approach to Outsourcing

Cyber-US combines our exceptional off-shore technical abilities with the knowledge and experience of our on-site American resident System Analysts, Subject Matter Experts, and Customer Relationship Managers. This combination provides consistently successful, cost-effective and timely results.

With Cyber-US you can have the benefit of knowledge and expertise in your industry and application with the low cost of high-tech off-shore development. What's more we use proven development and project management methodologies that assure clear communication of progress and on-time results.

Technical Resources

Cyber-US has established The Center of Management and Technology (CMT) in Kiev, Ukraine where projects are coordinated and managed. The CMT builds project teams using the resources of member institutions of the National Academy of Sciences of the Ukraine including the Glushkov Institute of Cybernetics, the Institute of Software Systems, and various development companies with in-depth, long standing commercial technical expertise. The CMT is ISO 9001 certified.

Industry and Application Expertise

In addition to our own American staff, Cyber-US has made partnering arrangements with American consulting firms to provide analysts and subject matter experts for specific industries and applications. Utilizing these experts, the end users can communicate their requirements using familiar terminology and references which become transformed by us to detailed specifications. And we control the cost of this normally expensive expertise because of our special arrangements.

Find out more about our approach

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