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Our portfolio of the robust products and components helps us to address the joint issues of development costs and time-to-market pressures. By using a reusable design block, the customer team starts from a previously synthesized, verified and integrated set of functions. Not only does this reduce overall design time, it greatly increases the possibilities of success.

The following is a list of some products and areas in which we offer the advantage of reusable components to our customers:

Embedded Development

To keep up with demand, we have invested considerable time into development of capabilities and technologies with regards to embedded system development. With capacity to develop for both open-source and proprietary systems, we are sure that we can help make your next embedded project a success.

Web Observer

Web Observer, our Internet Monitoring solution, scan, search and filter timely information from pre-selected Internet sources (web sites, newsgroups, boards, etc.). User notification and target materials are delivered via SMS and e-mail.

Online Games Platform

Our Massively Multiplayer Online Games are based on a unique software platform, which can handle thousands of concurrent players and games. To play our games you are not required installation at client side.

Antiviral Software

The advantages of our antiviral kernel VirDet are: high scanning rate, reliability and high sensitivity of the heuristic analyzer.


SIGMA is a built-in high-speed geographic information system (GIS) designed for the development and processing of electronic maps. The GIS has open architecture supporting any cartographical data format.

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We have alliances with other companies across the globe that market and distribute our in-house products. We invite suitable alliances to market our products in different parts of the globe. For further details, please Contact Us today.

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