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    Network solutions from Cyber-US are represented by two integrated suites of software:

VirDet for Servers

Virus Detector for Servers is the antiviral software, which is based on antiviral kernel from our partner, Ukrainian Antiviral Center. VirDet for Servers is designed for antiviral scanning of files, which are processed by other applications (mail servers, file servers), and for curing the files in case of their infection.

    Functionally VirDet for Servers consists of following blocks:
    • Antiviral kernel VirDet;
    • Scanner with Console Interface;
    • Interface module for connecting the kernel with external applications;
    • Additional modules for connecting the kernel with mail servers (SendMail, Qmail etc.);
    • System of automatic virus databases updating.

Documentation on API of antiviral kernel and example of kernel connection at GNU C++ are supplied with software (it allows software specialists and administrators connect antiviral kernel with installed software without problems).

VirDet NET

    VirDet for Networks is a solution to local networks protection that includes:
    • Server software (platforms: Linux, FreeBSD, Windows NT/2000);
    • Administratorís Terminal for Server control;
    • Client software.

There are two modifications of the integrated network protection: Active and Passive.

Active network version

Server software installed to server supports connection with client part of the integrated protection program, controls how it works, collects statistics and inform administrator via E-mail, ICQ, SMS etc.

Client software shall be installed to workstations, which are protected.

To connect server and client parts program uses TCP/IP protocol. The updating or scanning of workstations to detect harmful codes can be initiated both workstation user and network administrator. This allows testing as many workstations as necessary from single administratorís terminal and getting statistics in real time.

Passive network version

The workstation only can initiate scanning and virus databases updating in Passive network version. This is possible by user request or by Scheduler. So, in passive version administrator can view statistics all over the Network, but canít control the process of testing.

To know more information about Cyberís antiviral software or download demo version of VirDet, Contact Us today.

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