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Embedded Software Design

As technology integration into our every-day life gets more and more seamless, companies are relying more and more on embedded systems to provide the necessary functionality to get their designs out the door. As these systems become more and more complex, the code requirements also increase.

As a leader in the field of custom software development, Cyber-U.S. has committed to providing top-notch embedded software development for our clients. We have helped accelerate development cycles by taking care of the software development, given hardware specifications, to allow projects to be completed on-budget and on-schedule.

Our Capabilities

    • Linux, BSD and proprietary OS (QNX, VxWorks, etc) support
    • 32 and 16 bit processor support
    • Anything from basic programming to development of custom kernel modules
    • Replacement of core OS modules on open-source systems (ex: new file system driver or memory management drive)
    • Porting of applications across platforms
    • Working in very small memory footprints
    • Protocol design for embedded system to embedded system communications for mesh operation

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