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What Is Web Observer?

Web Observer is Cyber’s sophisticated Intelligence Internet Monitoring solution. Available as a hosted or installed solution, it reviews published on the Internet media materials specified by the user search criteria and periodicity. Web Observer provides organizations daily with highly personalized, time-critical news from all over the world.

Key Features

    • Web Observer includes customers’ database management solution which enables a user to catalogue, query, separate and annotate the target information.
    • With a special publishing tool, articles may be selected, sorted and published for a daily press review on the client's existing Intranet/Internet.
    • And finally, Web Observer immediately alerts key people by e-mail or SMS on hot topics.

Why Web Observer

Using Web Observer, you will significantly reduce time and cost of searching information due to dramatic reduction of time performing standard operations on reviewing and searching news, articles, customers opinions and other “sensitive” information on the Internet.

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