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Massively Multiplayer Online Games Software

One of the most popular reasons for using the Internet in the US is playing online games. Cyber-US has been developing Java games for three years and has supplied many satisfied customers throughout the world.

Our multiplayer engine is an ongoing R&D development. Games consist of server and client software. The Server part is OS - independent, multithreaded Java application dedicated to serve multiple players and games, to interact with the database back-end, to make critical calculations such as robot logic and rates. The client part is a Java applet dedicated to interact with the user.

Key features

    • Fully customizable interface
    • Player Rating Tables
    • Colored and multi-tabbed chat window (internal or irc server based)
    • Flexible lobby system
    • Windows-like game selection (using "Go play" buttons)
    • Extensive per user, per game statistics
    • Ban & Kick, Ignore features for administrators
    • Smart Robots (for othello, hearts, clubs only)

The Games

All the games are built in a modular way, utilizing our own proprietary Java game engine. It is usually a relatively straightforward process to ‘add-on’ a module for email collection, user login/logout, reward schemes, multiple languages, etc.

    The following is the list of developed games:
    • Darts
    • Chess
    • Checkers
    • Othello (Reversi)
    • Backgammon
    • Bridge (card game)
    • Hearts (card game)
    • Preferance (russian card game)
    • Clubs (card game)
    • Quiz
    • VideoQuiz
    • Pool


Multiplayer games are big the Internet is about. The major benefits of employing online games for portals is new interesting contents that allow attracting, retaining visitors and building a community of players.

If you are interested in the possibility of developing a multiplayer gaming section on your site, we will be happy to discuss your requirements.

For all license and development enquiries; re-branding of existing games, adaptations of traditional games fill out our request form.

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