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What Is SIGMA?

Cybers SIGMA is a new generation geographical information system (GIS) that is designed for the development and processing of active electronic maps and can be used in various applications.

Built-in, high-speed and compact (the main module size is about 1b) GIS SIGMA software provides the functions and tools needed to store, analyze, and display active information about places.

Key Features

    • Uses standard formats (Mapinfo, ArcView), as well as is open for new formats of the cartographical data;
    • Creates and processes 3D maps;
    • Supports any depth of scaling depending on the completeness of cartographical database, with a capability of displaying both static and dynamic objects;
    • Provides semantic processing of the maps thematic layers;
    • Allows to display and process multiple maps of various specialization simultaneously;
    • Includes the built-in Visual OLiMP (Online Language for interpretation of geo-Maps in Prolog applications) that is used for the implementation of multiple projects that serve the basis for the active thematic maps synthesis;
    • Provides all features to store, edit and analyze maps.

Why Use GIS?

Improve Organizational Integration

One of the main benefits of GIS SIGMA is improved management of your organization and resources. A GIS can link data sets together by common locational data, such as addresses, which helps departments and agencies share their data. By creating a shared database, one department can benefit from the work of another - data can be collected once and used many times.

Make Better Decisions

The old adage "better information leads to better decisions" is true for SIGMA. A GIS is not just an automated decision making system but a tool to query, analyze, and map data in support of the decision making process.

For example, GIS can be used to help reach a decision about the location of a new housing development that has minimal environmental impact, is located in a low-risk area, and is close to a population center. The information can be presented succinctly and clearly in the form of a map and accompanying report, allowing decision makers to focus on the real issues rather than trying to understand the data. Because GIS products can be produced quickly, multiple scenarios can be evaluated efficiently and effectively.

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