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One way in which we create high quality solutions quickly and at a competitive cost is through our global development, local delivery model.

After the initial scoping and requirement analysis work onsite, we move the development activities to our Offshore Development Center in Ukraine. This allows for the reduction of implementation time and cost substantially, by providing access to a large pool of cost effective and qualified resources. Also the time differences with North America are a coutributing factor; at the end of the business day, our teams go to work executing your requirements, with the results often available by the following morning.

This Onsite-Offshore model lets us achieve more rapid technical design and faster time to market for our clients without compromising quality.

Usually what we do on site are Problem and Requirement specifications Development. This is followed by prototyping Development and Unit Testing offshore, and then by Acceptance Testing, which takes place back onsite.

Our project managers carry out detailed estimates of the size, effort and resources to scope your project - and compare your project to those that our teams previously completed. Based on this information, our project managers prepare Project Management plans, using the relevant metrics and organizational baselines (upper and lower boundary of the metrics) required for a successful development project.

Every client is assigned a Quality Assurance (QA) manager who monitors process and product quality. He/she reports progress to the project manager and the team. The status of all work is monitored by the senior management at periodic intervals as well as with our clients, through pre-defined conference calls as well as weekly or bi-weekly status reports. The QA manager performs independent sample tests of all deliverables, ensuring compliance before sending them to our clients.

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