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Cyber-U.S., Inc., is a U.S. based, Information Technology company that specializes in applying talent from Ukraine, Russia, Czech Republic to companies' software needs in the U.S. and elsewhere...

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We at Cyber-US have access to a rich portfolio of reusable, modular frameworks and products of our development teams.
Having established the Center of Management and Technologies in Ukraine, we provide our customers with the opportunity to develop projects on a cost and time effective basis…

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Cyber-US News

01/01/2006 - We, at Cyber-U.S. Inc, would like to thank everyone for another wonderful year of great progress and innovation, both our staff and our customers, and would like to wish everyone the best of luck for 2006!

11/07/2005 - With the ever-expanding need to automatically process data for purposes of mining, intelligence and forecasting, there is a clear requirement for robust statistical libraries to handle these needs in an efficient manner, thus allowing large throughput with finite system realization. With this in mind, we have initiated an effort to include some time-series analysis functionality into our statistics libraries.

04/01/2005 - To keep up with new advances in technology proliferation into every day life, we have expanded our initiative in the field of embedded devices. We are currently working on stand-alone and networked systems to make the fantasy of ubiquitous computing a reality.

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